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The Tell: Why investors should dread the month of May—especially this year

April 27, 2018

Via: Market Watch

The U.S. stock market is preparing to end a positive—but volatile—month of April, and investors may be hoping that performance in May is even better. History, however, suggests otherwise. According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, May is typically a mixed […]

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100 million Americans can file their taxes for free, but only 3 million people actually do it

April 16, 2018

Via: Market Watch

Here’s something that about 97 million Americans may not know: if you make under $66,000 a year, filing your taxes online is probably free. Every year only about three million people — of the nearly 100 million eligible — take […]

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ETF Investing: ETFs see first back-to-back monthly outflows since the financial crisis

April 5, 2018

Via: Market Watch - Financial Services

The seemingly unending growth of the ETF industry has hit a snag over the past two months, as turmoil in the U.S. stock market—the most popular area that ETFs offer exposure to—pushed investors to reallocate. Exchange-traded funds had negative flows […]

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Oracle Powers the Next Generation of Finance with New Artificial Intelligence Applications

February 20, 2018

Via: Dataversity

To empower the office of the CFO with data-driven insights they need to adapt to change, capitalize on new market opportunities, and increase profitability, Oracle today announced new artificial intelligence-based applications for finance. By applying advanced data science and machine […]

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In a volatile market, do investment apps put users at risk?

February 9, 2018

Via: Market Watch

The stock market’s volatility this week is old hat for seasoned investors — but for novices using low-cost micro-investment apps it prompted concern. And some say that these apps could unintentionally promote investing behaviors that could put those users at […]

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Are You Paying Too Much for Your Database Management System?

January 30, 2018

Via: Dataversity

A flexible licensing model allows a company to invest more in the innovative ventures that will drive revenue, and less in core business processes. If you ask someone to name a handful of highly innovative companies, Apple is almost certainly […]

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New Database Botnet Leveraged for Bitcoin Mining

January 4, 2018

Via: Dark Reading

An organized group of cybercriminals is currently targeting database services in a new botnet build-up that’s being leveraged for cryptocurrency mining, among other more traditional botnet attack patterns. Discovered by researchers with GuardiCore Labs, the so-called Hex-Men attacks have been […]

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Using big data to improve customer experience and financial results

December 5, 2017

Via: Info World

Technology provides businesses across all industries with tools and capabilities that optimize operations in order to maximize revenue and minimize waste. Many industries now have access to up-to-date information on customer experience, product acceptance, and financial transactions. Organizations no longer […]

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The Battle for the Future of Bitcoin

September 7, 2017

Via: Database Trends and Applications

The emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology may prove to be almost as significant an innovation as the internet itself. Blockchain offers a mechanism for the mediation of any transactions that previously would have required trusted third parties, while cryptocurrencies […]

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Even more tax breaks for your college education expenses

September 6, 2017

Via: Market Watch

Take advantage of your company’s educational assistance programSome lucky folks work at companies with educational assistance programs that will give each eligible employee up to $5,250 in annual tax-free reimbursements. These plans are sometimes called Section 127 plans (named after […]