GDPR for the DBA

June 18, 2018

Cryptos bounce after being sent lower by another exchange hack

June 20, 2018

Security issues continue to dog the cryptocurrency industry after yet another hack of a prominent South Korean exchange. Bithumb, the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world according to data from CoinMarketCap, said Wednesday that “some cryptocurrencies worth about 35 billion […]

Oracle Announces New AI-Based Cloud Platform Services

June 13, 2018

Oracle has announced the availability of its next-generation Oracle Cloud Platform services featuring built-in autonomous capabilities, including Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud, and Oracle API Platform Cloud. With embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that enable […]

How to Protect your Enterprise Data Against Social Engineering Attacks

June 7, 2018

If someone had predicted, a decade or two ago, that knowledge of psychology and human behavior would one day be a key factor in protecting IT systems from cyber criminals, it would have seemed far-fetched. However, it’s very much the […]

Online Tools

TigerGraph Announces Free Developer Edition of the World’s Fastest Graph Database

June 14, 2018

Via: Dataversity

According to a recent press release, “TigerGraph, the world’s fastest graph analytics platform for the enterprise, today announced the free Developer Edition of its graph analytics platform for lifetime non-commercial use… ‘As graphs continue to go mainstream, the next phase of […]

Performance, security, and availability

How to get the most cloud security

June 12, 2018

Via: Info World

One of the leading causes of data breaches is internal negligence due to poor training, according to the Ponemon Institute. But when the staff is educated and instructed on the proper practices, the risk of cyberattacks or data leaks can […]