Mobile App Back-End Servers, Databases at Risk

August 14, 2017

Mobile application developers are putting enterprise data at risk by failing to secure the back-end servers and databases that feed their apps with data. New research out today from Appthority shows a wide range of data exposures to and from […]

Improving the ROI of Big Data and Analytics

May 16, 2017

Big data and analytics are all around these days. Most companies already have their first analytical models in production and are thinking about further boosting their performance. However, far too often, these companies focus on the analytical techniques rather than […]

A Guide To DDoS Detection And Attack Mitigation Tools

May 4, 2017

Of all the attacks that can be coordinated against a target, one of the easiest to attempt successfully is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. This has a lot to do with the brute force nature of these attacks. At […]

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BlueData Introduces EPIC 3.0 for Large-Scale Deployments of Big Data Analytics

August 16, 2017

Via: Dataversity

BlueData®, provider of the leading Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) software platform, today announced BlueData EPIC™ version 3.0. This major new release provides increased scalability, enhanced networking, significant security and performance optimizations, and new functionality for distributed data science operations. With BlueData EPIC […]

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How to Leverage the Power of Data Lakes

August 15, 2017

Via: Database Trends and Applications

Hadoop adoption is growing and so is the commitment to data lake strategies. Data security, governance, integration, and access have all been identified as critical success factors for data lake deployments. DBTA recently held a roundtable webinar featuring Carole Murphy, […]

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Database as a Service: Your First Application

August 15, 2017

Via: Database Journal

For the entrepreneur who wants to implement a significant digitally-based service or sell products to customers on-line, the need to get the application written and implemented quickly is a strong one. The thought of creating and maintaining an information technology […]